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The Influence of Media to Female Audiences Free Essays

In the current condition of society, the media has set itself as one of the most significant organizations in which impacts the majority through the point of view that it has. One of the most obvious and dubious issues that media had brought is the status of the female. There had been numerous issues with respect to females in which some find interesting and in any event, corrupting for a few. We will compose a custom paper test on The Influence of Media to Female Audiences or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now One of the most widely recognized issues for females is the issue of body structure. In the media, it is significant that an individual possibly ready to keep up the body a solid body. Nonetheless, a sound body quickly implies that a female ought to have a thin and slim body. Having a thin and slim body for the media consequently implies being solid and being lovely. In any case, at that point, this kind of issue had been a worry of certain females in which repudiates the perspective on the media. It is realized that each individual has their own body type. Others may have a thin body or some may have a pear formed body. It is likewise perceived that we can't pick the sort of body that we need on the grounds that more often than not it is organic in nature. In association with the worries of the media in regards to the body, it is by one way or another uncalled for those that can't and would not achieve the body where they see as delightful. Obviously, every lady and even men need to be known as delightful. Each and everybody need to be perceived and seen as wonderful yet the media had just set their standards in their impression of what is delightful or not. In spite of the fact that the media is still in logical inconsistency to the speculation of individuals that they are in reality setting a model for ladies and their body, it is obvious in magazines and TV programs that the media sees a thin ladies are a lot of lovely than the ordinary ones. As a proof, numerous big names and models are slim. The vast majority of them have a body where customary people would not actually have like Misha Barton, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and so on. These personalities’ uncovered a body in which is impeccable in the perspective on the media. They are regularly observed as hot and stylish entertainers in which could convey them selves well. In honorary pathway evenings or even little gatherings, they are viewed as delightful. Then again, big names who are somewhat heavier or has a much stunning body isn't acknowledged as much contrasted with thin superstars. In magazine covers, thin on-screen characters or models are regularly included. Each release of the magazine presents a thin female wherein frequently groups a provocative picture. Be that as it may, awe-inspiring females in the media are not regularly given this chance. On the off chance that they can model for a magazine this is on the grounds that they have accomplished something significant or they magazine advocates surprising ladies. The nonstop introduction of the media of these kinds of ladies impacts the general public and their view towards the body. It could be seen that numerous ladies have made an idea that they ought to and must resemble these Hollywood stars so as to be completely acknowledged by the general public. Any lady might want to be perceived as somebody â€Å"beautiful† according to the general public. Ladies began to cause routes so as to mimic the famous people. A few ladies attempt to practice and diminish their food in take for them to resemble these superstars. Nonetheless, this procedure isn't sufficient for certain ladies. There are those ladies that might want better and guaranteed results for their bodies. Some outcome to plastic medical procedure which is the quickest method to dispose of overabundance fat or fix their hazardous regions. Besides, there are ladies in which results to exceptionally unfortunate weight lost exercises, for example, bulimia or anorexia. Step by step instructions to refer to The Influence of Media to Female Audiences, Papers

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Literacy Plan Essay

As I am beginning to gain proficiency with the nuts and bolts of how to turn into a powerful educator, I am realizing what kind of instructor I am and what sort of educator I need to be. Growing up, seeking to be an educator, I never thought instructors needed to figure out how to do a few techniques I have seen. For instance, educators consistently realized how to catch the students’ consideration again after the kids would get off errand. I thought this ability fell into place without any issues for educators and I would get it with time. On my experience of this learning procedure of turning into an instructor, I have taken in this aptitude is something you figure out how to do and there are numerous different abilities to learn en route. These abilities and strategies originate from various examinations and research done by scholars throughout the decades. Learning every one of these hypotheses from the start was overpowering, however after some time I got a grip on the nuts and bolts of only a couple of scholars and their speculations. There are such huge numbers of analysts that have put their sentiments out in the open for instructors to consider and work from. There is Vygotsky, Cambourne, Holdaway, Piaget, Skinner, and Dewey just to give some examples! In the wake of getting this essential information on certain speculations, I have come to understand that there is one theorist’s techniques I concur with the most with regards to educating proficiency. This scholar is Brian Cambourne. Cambourne is an instructive anthropologist from Australia who has underlined his exploration in education learning. He has concocted numerous conditions relating to proficiency learning. His hypothesis praises my convictions the best, contrasted with different speculations I have found out about. I put stock in having understudies experience various sorts of writing. This procedure permits understudies to get comfortable with various methods of composing, and how to make statements from various perspectives. This additionally allows them to make sense of what style of language they like best and handle a thought of what sort of education come most effortless to them. At the point when understudies see more kinds of education, it unfathomably opens up their scope of jargon that can just profit them later on. This state of understudies investigating a wide range of proficiency is the thing that Cambourne calls submersion and I see it as a stage that doesn't appear to be clear to kids. I feel understudies don't have the foggiest idea when they are taking a gander at various sorts of proficiency. I have confidence in putting forth an attempt in clarifying what sort of material the understudies are perusing from, as opposed to simply giving them something and advising them to understand it. This is the motivation behind why I accept exhibition is the following large significant procedure. Show is a significant advance in my eyes for proficiency learning. Showing is demonstrating proficient practices, officially and casually (Cambourne). I for one am a visual student and want to have the educator model what I will do before I need to utilize it all alone. At the point when a model was not accessible to me, I would get focused and overpowered with this sentiment of not comprehending what I am doing. I don't need my understudies to become disappointed when they are perusing and composing; I need them to appreciate it and be amped up for it. Consequently, when I become an educator, I particularly need to rehearse Cambourne’s state of show by having an entire gathering exercise so as to officially exhibit for my understudies. This should be possible while the understudies are at their work areas, however I think having this procedure done in a rug territory reminds understudies that what I, the educator, am going to state is imperative to hear. Likewise, I trust in the adage, â€Å"monkey see, monkey do. † Therefore, I accept an educator ought to consistently talk appropriate punctuation, self-right, and exhibit perusing methodologies consistently before the kids since they are going to impersonate what they hear and see the most by the grown-ups in their lives. After a show is finished, I accept a desire for what the understudies should know is manufactured. Cambourne accepts this state of desire is that the understudies â€Å"get the message†. I accept that if a teacher’s showing was done accurately, the understudies will realize that data and the instructor can anticipate that them should know it. In addition to the fact that expectation builds, I accept the obligation the understudy has for comprehending what him/herself can achieve develops. This procedure of being liable for their own learning, I accept, doesn't work out easily. I figure the educator must permit these understudies to take on these obligations themselves. For instance, if an educator never lets an understudy pick their own book, that understudy will never pick up the duty of recognizing what books are directly for the person in question or figure out how to pick the correct sort of book for the person in question. Students will pick what they will investigate mentally as they experience proficient practices (Cambourne). When understudies have gotten mindful of the aptitudes that are being shown to them, I accept the following significant advance is permitting understudies time to rehearse what they have realized. Cambourne calls this condition work. I am a solid devotee to â€Å"practice makes perfect†. I comprehend that nothing is great and there is consistently opportunity to get better. So perhaps â€Å"practice gives improvement† is a superior statement to pass by. A student will never turn out to be better at what they are realizing whether it isn't rehearsed. With understudies rehearsing what they have realized, botches occur. This condition is the thing that Cambourne calls estimation. I trust it really is ideal to let the students commit errors as they are investigating proficiency since they will just gain from it! I realize that when I become an educator, I need to pressure that committing errors is alright and will profit anybody since they will just gain from it. I could even deliberately commit errors so as to display self-adjustment also. In any case, students will possibly comprehend their error when criticism is given in an auspicious manner. Coming to Alverno, I have likely gotten the most input I ever have here contrasted with the remainder of my instructive vocation. I have come to solidly accept that criticism gives new information to students since it brings another point of view into their own work. My emotions about input relate with Cambourne’s condition called reaction. He accepts this input should originate from somebody with more information, for example, an instructor. I need to ensure I gathering with every one of my understudies, separately, so as to investigate what they have been working with and give opportune, fitting input. I feel these meetings manufacture a student’s certainty by being determined what they are progressing admirably, and they get the opportunity to comprehend what sort of errors they are making so as to fix them and develop. Subsequent to perusing Cambourne’s hypothesis, there was nothing I was unable to concur with. I recollect while I was understanding it, everything I could state was, â€Å"yes, indeed, and yes! † I do need to say building up my way of thinking regarding education learning was a test. I have a feeling that I am as yet building up my way of thinking, however I have a grip on my fundamental convictions for my future instructing vocation. I comprehend what sort of instructor I might want to be and when perusing Cambourne’s hypothesis I could envision myself doing each condition and feeling pleased by showing education in such a manner.

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Different Sides of Voluntourism

Different Sides of Voluntourism Different Sides of Voluntourism Home›Education Posts›Different Sides of Voluntourism Education Posts“Voluntourism” Is UnfairInternational volunteering is something that was associated with good will, but has started to get a bad reputation lately. Why is that? Even though, organizations sell their programs as “an outstanding opportunity to combine work experience and travel”, the truth behind these programs is not always as beautiful as they put it. Being a great thing at its core, “voluntourism” can become unfair when people look at volunteering opportunities as the way to enhance their CVs, without thinking about the main goal of their volunteering activities. Another way when volunteering becomes bad is when programs and projects are organized poorly and don’t meet the real needs of people, for whom they’re being organized.On the other hand, there are many volunteering projects, which make the real positive and constructive impact on both volunteers, who serve , and the communities, which are being served. I’m saying this not just as a person, who observes it from afar, but as someone who has been involved in volunteering projects four times.The main three things about successful volunteering projects are commitment, decent level of organization and a sincere desire to serve people. These are the three factors, which are able to bring about the real change. Let’s look at the good example, which is a Warwick Laksh Programme in rural part of Haryana, India. Since its inception in 2010, the number of people who got benefits from it has trebled. It’s remarkable that 43% of those who got benefits are female. Taking into consideration that Haryana is a region where girls’ education is unusual, that’s really a spectacular achievement.Another good example is building a multi-purpose sports pitch for Tanzanian local community. It was a collaborative project between the local NGO and a student-run charity called Edinburgh Global Partnersh ips. Community approached Edinburgh Global Partnerships and asked them to do this project, so it’s plain to see that people really needed it and their needs where satisfied.The best thing about such projects is that they’re beneficial both for volunteers and community because there is always a two-way exchange. For instance if it’s an educational project, teachers learn to manage large groups and use whatever resources are available and children get an opportunity to get educated and communicate with people from far countries.Critics often say that volunteering programs are only able to produce fleeting relationships that don’t last long. My experience is totally different. Thanks to the social media, members of communities and volunteers can stay connected and demonstrate enduring power. I still communicate with one of the students whom I met and taught five years ago in South Africa. She’s making great progress in her studies and is now studying diligently to get a degre e at the University of Johannesburg. In fact, it’s the participation in that project five years ago, that inspired her to go the university. She even hopes to visit the UK in order to get a master’s degree in the future. It shows that volunteering project experiences can form a lasting, meaningful relationship between the members of community and volunteers.After all, isn’t it great to be able to influence other people’s life in a positive and meaningful way?

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Gas Chromatography - What It Is and How It Works

Gas chromatography (GC) is an analytical technique used to separate and analyze samples that can be vaporized without thermal decomposition. Sometimes gas chromatography is known as gas-liquid partition chromatography (GLPC) or vapor-phase chromatography (VPC). Technically, GPLC is the most correct term, since the separation of components in this type of chromatography relies on differences in behavior between a flowing mobile gas phase and a stationary liquid phase. The instrument that performs gas chromatography is called a gas chromatograph. The resulting graph that shows the data is called a gas chromatogram. Uses of Gas Chromatography GC is used as one test to help identify components of a liquid mixture and determine their relative concentration. It may also be used to separate and purify components of a mixture. Additionally, gas chromatography can be used to determine vapor pressure, heat of solution, and activity coefficients. Industries often use it to monitor processes to test for contamination or ensure a process is going as planned. Chromatography can test blood alcohol, drug purity, food purity, and essential oil quality. GC may be used on either organic or inorganic analytes, but the sample must be volatile. Ideally, the components of a sample should have different boiling points. How Gas Chromatography Works First, a liquid sample is prepared. The sample is mixed with a solvent and is injected into the gas chromatograph. Typically the sample size is small -- in the microliters range. Although the sample starts out as a liquid, it is vaporized into the gas phase. An inert carrier gas is also flowing through the chromatograph. This gas shouldnt react with any components of the mixture. Common carrier gases include argon, helium, and sometimes hydrogen. The sample and carrier gas are heated and enter a long tube, which is typically coiled to keep the size of the chromatograph manageable. The tube may be open (called tubular or capillary) or filled with a divided inert support material (a packed column). The tube is long to allow for a better separation of components. At the end of the tube is the detector, which records the amount of sample hitting it. In some cases, the sample may be recovered at the end of the column, too. The signals from the detector are used to produce a graph, the chr omatogram, which shows the amount of sample reaching the detector on the y-axis and generally how quickly it reached the detector on the x-axis (depending on what exactly the detector detects). The chromatogram shows a series of peaks. The size of the peaks is directly proportional to the amount of each component, although it cant be used to quantify the number of molecules in a sample. Usually, the first peak is from the inert carrier gas and the next peak is the solvent used to make the sample. Subsequent peaks represent compounds in a mixture. In order to identify the peaks on a gas chromatogram, the graph needs to be compared to a chromatogram from a standard (known) mixture, to see where the peaks occur. At this point, you may be wondering why the components of the mixture separate while they are pushed along the tube. The inside of the tube is coated with a thin layer of liquid (the stationary phase). Gas or vapor in the interior of the tube (the vapor phase) moves along more quickly than molecules that interact with the liquid phase. Compounds that interact better with the gas phase tend to have lower boiling points (are volatile) and low molecular weights, while compounds that prefer the stationary phase tend to have higher boiling points or are heavier. Other factors that affect the rate at which a compound progresses down the column (called the elution time) include polarity and the temperature of the column. Because temperature is so important, it is usually controlled within tenths of a degree and is selected based on the boiling point of the mixture. Detectors Used for Gas Chromatography There are many different types of detectors that can be used to produce a chromatogram. In general, they may be categorized as non-selective, which means they respond to all compounds except the carrier gas, selective, which respond to a range of compounds with common properties, and specific, which respond only to a certain compound. Different detectors use particular support gases and have different degrees of sensitivity. Some common types of detectors include: Detector Support Gas Selectivity Detection Level Flame ionization (FID) hydrogen and air most organics 100 pg Thermal conductivity (TCD) reference universal 1 ng Electron capture (ECD) make up nitriles, nitrites, halides, organometallics, peroxides, anhydrides 50 fg Photo-ionization (PID) make up aromatics, aliphatics, esters, aldehydes, ketones, amines, heterocyclics, some organometallics 2 pg When the support gas is called make up gas, it means gas is used to minimize band broadening. For FID, for example, nitrogen gas (N2) is often used. The user manual that accompanies a gas chromatograph outlines the gases that can be used in it and other details. Sources Pavia, Donald L., Gary M. Lampman, George S. Kritz, Randall G. Engel (2006).  Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques (4th Ed.). Thomson Brooks/Cole. pp.  797–817.Grob, Robert L.; Barry, Eugene F. (2004).  Modern Practice of Gas Chromatography (4th Ed.). John Wiley Sons.Harris, Daniel C. (1999). 24. Gas Chromatography. Quantitative chemical analysis  (Fifth ed.). W. H. Freeman and Company. pp. 675–712. ISBN 0-7167-2881-8.Higson, S. (2004). Analytical Chemistry. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-850289-0

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Video Game Violence Video Games - 892 Words

Video Game Violence On December 14, 2012, a twenty year old boy named Adam Lanza shot twenty children and six staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Before arriving to the school, he shot his mother then committed suicide after the shooting. The reports say that he was influenced to shooting others by the video game â€Å"Call of Duty†. Video game violence is defined as a behavior including physical violence intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something impacted by video games. Video games can increase the aggressiveness of kids and young adults. According to technology fox news, video games stimulate aggressive thoughts. In the study, children ages of eight to seventeen who constantly play video games exhibit a more aggressive behavior such as pushing, hitting in comparison to three years before playing video games. In the meantime, the individuals who diminished the measure of time they spent playing fierce video games saw an abatement in fo rceful conduct, the specialists say. The explanation behind the increment in forceful conduct was the youngsters who play a great deal of brutal video games had an increment in forceful considerations: for example, they will probably decipher an uncertain demonstration, similar to somebody catching them, as unfriendly, said study analyst Craig Anderson, a therapist and teacher at Iowa State University. They were additionally more prone to see forceful conduct as a proper approach to react to incitement,Show MoreRelatedVideo Game Violence : Violent Video Games1626 Words   |  7 PagesDavis English III 27 March 2015 Video Game Violence Violent video games have been being created since the first console. Yet only recently have we been blaming them for aggression in the player. We as humans have a tendency to blame our violent behavior on other things rather thin ourselves. Now aggression is being defined in many ways in this situation but mainly people point to the anger that’s brought out in the real world after the game or maybe it’s the gamers’ tendency to haveRead MoreVideo Games : Video Game Violence Essay1693 Words   |  7 PagesVideo Game Violence Blood and gore, intense violence, strong sexual content, use of drugs. These are just a few of the phrases that the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) uses to describe the content of several games. The future of entertainment revolves around technology. Along with the evolvement of technology, video games are also changing. More ways of playing violent video games are created each year, but most of us have this question in mind; do violent video games influence peopleRead MoreVideo Games : Video Game Violence1502 Words   |  7 Pages2013 Video Game Violence The evolution of video games has taken a drastic change since the 1970’s when video games were first introduced. Since then every decade video games have become more violent in nature with strong language and realistic to suit society today. Craig Anderson states that with more violence in video games they would sell better than games with less violence (Anderson, Gentile, and Beckley pg.5). Violent video games really became popular when the first person shooter games wereRead MoreVideo Game Violence And Violent Video Games2382 Words   |  10 PagesAbstract The issue of video game violence seems to be a hot topic right now after several shootings have occurred and made a connection to the shooters being video gamers. In looking at past research it is apparent that there seems to large amounts of research that contradict one work to another. Although I would have been interested in conducting a poll of the publics opinion regarding the use of violent video games and their connection to mass shootings I was not able to conduct the researchRead MoreVideo Games and Violence1011 Words   |  4 Pagesare probably millions and billions of video games sold every year to people. Some people seem to believe that violence correlates directly with video games. Video games are something that is usually a big interest in people at the ages of 13 to 19 years old. Video games usually start off as a little fun and then turn into a major hobby for some people. Emotions change based on whatever happens while a person is engaging in these games most of t he time. These games are another way to observe how peopleRead MoreVideo Games Violence664 Words   |  3 PagesUNV - 104 August 11, 2013 Video Games and Violence Video games and violence have different effects on children according to the type of video games that is being watched It is important to understand the world of video games. All video games do not prevent violence in children. Parents should take into consideration in monitoring their child while choosing video games. Depending on the video game that is chosen, does not mean the child will result in violent behavior later on in lifeRead MoreVideo Games and Violence1981 Words   |  8 Pagesconcerned about violent video games due to the increased reality in the games. However, society may not realize how children and teens are affected by these games. In modern times, children and young adults are affected by violent games in a negative way by causing changes in their behavior. The average American child watches 28 hours of television a week and by the age of eighteen will have seen 16,000 murders and 200,000 violent acts (Gallagher). People who defend violent games like to po int out thatRead MoreThe Violence Of Video Games971 Words   |  4 PagesMost kids today play video games to entertain themselves and it’s their hobby. Today kids and even young adults play games like Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), Call of Duty, and Fallout 4. All three of these games were one of the top games of their respective year of release. What do they all have in common? They depict violence in a way that its becoming more realistic every year they’re sequels are released. But what’s up with people blaming video games for mass shootings and other heinousRead MoreVideo Games and Violence942 Words   |  4 Pages Video Games and Violence Awe entering in more advanced society of technology, video games has become a popular source of entertainment among us. Almost all of us has rented or owned a video game and we have spent hours playing it. As we all know, video games have become the second most popular form of entertainment after television; the source of entertainment is proven to be violent. Excessive playing of video games has a huge impact on our life as well asRead MoreDo Video Games Contribute For Video Game Violence?1170 Words   |  5 Pages Do video games contribute to video game violence? I will discuss why video games do not contribute to youth violence, what types of warnings are given by video game companies, and what flaws exist in studies that suggest a correlation between violence and gaming. As the sales of video games have risen in recent years, some groups claim that violence in these games has caused violent behaviors among young players. However, this argument bears little factual evidence supporting such a connection

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Ottoman and Safavid Free Essays

In the late Islamic period (16th -18th), perhaps even more so than in preceding periods, art was an instrument of dynastic expression in this great age of empires. Spurred by royal patronage, the arts flourished under the Ottomans and Safavids. Ottoman art was a vibrant synthesis of Turkish and Persian-Islamic, Byzantine, and Mediterranean culture and styles through conquest, through direct invitation of artisans, or through the migration of peoples. We will write a custom essay sample on Ottoman and Safavid or any similar topic only for you Order Now The Ottoman Turks were renowned for their architecture, as well as for their traditions of calligraphy and miniature painting. They were also renowned for their decorative arts including carpet weaving, jewelry making, paper marbling, and their characteristic Iznik ware ceramics. The Ottomans promoted themselves as the defenders of Islam, and this explains why their public art includes a rich variety of ornamental designs but no human figures. Plant- and flower-based patterns were the most common. Observing Iznik ceramics, a superficial abstraction is dominant in the naturalistic plant designs. Besides, around 16th century Ottoman Miniature Art reached its peak. The Miniatures and illuminated manuscripts were created largely for the emperors, with their focus mostly on the important and powerful figures in their retinues. A unique feature of Ottoman Miniature was that it depicted the actual events realistically, while also keeping the abstract formal expressive touch of the traditional Islamic Art. The Safavid style developed in Iran from 1500, when the country was re-united under the dynasty of this name. Unlike their Ottoman neighbors, the Safavids had no qualms about depicting human beings in all forms of art. These figures became an unusually prominent feature of the Safavid style. Depictions of elegant young men and women, often shown in outdoor settings, adorned many objects, from clothing to the bindings of manuscripts. One of the most renowned manuscripts from the period is a now-dispersed copy of the Shahnama epic. Also textiles and carpets were manufactured of luxury materials as furnishings for the court. The most famous is a pair known as the Ardabil Carpets, created in 1539-1540. The carpets were nearly identical, perfectly symmetrical and enormous. Every inch of space was filled with flowers, scrolling vines, and medallions. Although the central medallion and the repeating patterns throughout the carpet is similar to Ottoman but the Ardabil carpets have A wide range of colors than Ottoman’s which is heavily dependent on reds and blues. How to cite Ottoman and Safavid, Papers

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Project Management for Opening Street Food †MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Project Management for Opening Street Food. Answer: Sydney Metro Station in NSW, a good place for street food opening Sydney Metro Station is one of the most attractive places for the customers to come and avail food from the food trucks and vans (Sainsbury, Colagiuri Magnusson, 2107). Customers visit the metro station as it is a daily part of their journeys. Street food keeps customer connected with the vendor. Considering the Sydney metro station as one of the busiest station in North South Whales in Australia, it attracts most of the customers for availing food from the street trucks and street vans. Food vans and food tucks are built to bring fashion and food together in one campus. There are mainly two types of mobile food vending- Food vans and food trucks. Food vans are those which sell food that are not harmful and include practices that involve low risks. Whereas Food trucks are those mobile foods vending that takes risks (Zhao Li, 2017). Food that are cooked in the place itself or the food in which temperature are to be maintained are considered as hazardous food. Food plays an important role in functioning of the cities. The people are religiously and socially connected to food. Sydney metro station, an important plays for daily visit for the citizens of NSW helps the food vendor outside the metro station to establish their business in selling of food. As an opening business, discounts on foods are given to the availing customers. The environment that is built outside the metro station of Sydney creates an impact on interaction of people with food making it a good place for a startup business to sell their food. Permissions needed for local vendors The local street vendor needs permission from the local owner or the council they are selling food at. The permission and the amount of tax that they have to give to the government differ in different places. The approval policies of the local area are given to the mobile food vendors in Sydney. There are particular laws for handling of safe food and the practices that require in preparation of food (Hal et al., 2016). The conditions that are needed for trading on the street that includes the total number of hours for selling of food and the exact location of the area where to sell the food and the occurrence of other businesses. The procedures for availing permission for different types of food seller are different. Policies are different in every area including the number of hours and the type of food that they are selling. The different areas in Sydney where different policies are based are as follows- Policies for food truck Policies of food van Approval policy of mobile food vending Management operation plan The policies for mobile food vending are that any of the registered vehicles that are used in the area of the metro station are either towed down council or is self driven (Ahmed et al., 2014). The vehicles do not include bikes or cars or not any fixed shop. These types of vehicles are not given registration. On side food preparation is done by vehicles vending mobile food such as tacos and burgers and food that needs one step preparation such as coffee, popcorns and any type of food that are pre packed. Under vehicles of mobile food vending, there are two categories- Food vans includes Category 1 and Food trucks include Category 2. Food vans include foods that are not hazardous such as preparation of coffee or ice-creams. A food truck involves hazardous food such as making of food and keeping the temperature right for the food that needs the temperature. The vendors of mobile food vehicle should ensure that they have the permission for using the road owned by the Council before starting their business. The vendors should satisfy the requirements of legislation of the metro area of Sydney and the Policy. References Sainsbury, E., Colagiuri, S., Magnusson, R. (2017). An audit of food and beverage advertising on the Sydney metropolitan train network: regulation and policy implications.BMC public health,17(1), 490. Zhao, P., Li, S. (2017). Bicycle-metro integration in a growing city: The determinants of cycling as a transfer mode in metro station areas in Beijing.Transportation research part A: policy and practice,99, 46-60. van Hal, S. J., Espedido, B. A., Coombs, G. W., Howden, B. P., Korman, T. M., Nimmo, G. R., ... Jensen, S. O. (2016). Polyclonal emergence of vanA vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium in Australia.Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy,72(4), 998-1001. Ahmed, R. M., Irish, M., Kam, J., van Keizerswaard, J., Bartley, L., Samaras, K., ... Piguet, O. (2014). Quantifying the eating abnormalities in frontotemporal dementia.JAMA neurology,71(12), 1540-1546.